Exercise is essential for overall health and well being. Good health and weight loss are interrelated to each other. If a person has higher body mass index then they can be exposed to several disorders related to obesity and fat such as  hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, and other cardiovascular problems etc. Two importants factors that might be considered for a healthy lifestyle and for weight loss are exercising and dieting at the same time. In your everyday routine the balance between the two is very important. If you follow diet and didn’t workout or workout and didn’t follow diet or workout after diet then you can se different changes in your body which might not be in your body’s favour. Exercise has many benefits along weight loss. It refreshes your mood ,strengthen you body and bones, reduce the risk of multiple diseases. People stay away from gym and tends to stay away as they did not have enough time to spend on gym for their own health and some because or financial issues.

So, here we would like to suggest you the 4 best ways to lose weight at home by working out for just 30min for healthier, stronger and balanced life


Walking is considered as an aerobic exercise. Walking is one of the best exercise that anyone can do. Walking at fast speed is a great exercise for burning calories. It is an exercise that impacts less or no stress on joints and can be added to day to day activities.

According to studies, a 70kg individual burns 167 calories by just walking for 30min.We can also reduce upto 1.5% of body fat and 2.8cm of waist size by just walking for 50-70min 3 times a week.

Jogging and running are very effective exercises for belly fat loss and are totally body integrates exercise. It strengthen our legs also.

Exercise pattern:

sets aside 1 hour

  • start by walking for 15min
  • start jogging by increasing you pace for next 15min
  • after that start running for 15min
  • slowdown your pace and continue jogging for 10min
  • slowdown your pace and continue walking for 5min


Skipping exercise offers a complete body workout and helps in increasing your muscle mass, strength, metabolism and helps in burning more calories. Skipping exercise regularly and bring calmness and decrease in anxiety and depression. The workout also helps in increase in heart rate which results in more blood pumping and more supply of blood in all over body. Along with heart this exercise helps in increasing the health of your lungs also and increases our stamina also. Losing weight is nothing but burning more calories is more important. Skipping can burn around 1300 calories per hour.


  • Stand straight on ground with your back straight 
  • make sure your feets are straight on ground and stick together
  •  keep your hands straight pointing downwards stick to your thighs
  • jump off the ground and let the rope pass under you feets
  • repeat these steps and increase your jumping speed constantly


Plank is one of the most effective and full body exercise. The best part about the plank workout is that it targets approximately all parts of the body. It strengthen all body, bones and muscles. It also helps in muscle gaining strengthen your arms, core, shoulders, chest 

Plank is a exercise that targets different muscles ad has different variation in it which may varies to person to person depending on persons strength and endurance. Each variation is very helpful and keeps improving your core strength, body balance, endurance, and posture. 


Push-ups is one of the very common and famous exercise that can be done at any place, at anytime and by anyone. It helps in fat loss as in it we pushes our body away from the ground which helps in burning more calories. Push-ups help in building more lean muscles in our chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If you keep practising push-ups for weeks or months or years, then you will build a great amount of muscle mass, and to maintain your muscle your body has to expend its calories.  


  • Laydown straight on floor 
  • keep your hands straight and a bit away from your shoulder level
  • Set your feets together or a bit apart in a comfortable position
  • Now lower your body with the help of your shoulder, bend your elbows and then straight to the initial position
  • continue this exercise and perform 15reps of 3 sets

Pull-ups get more muscles into work which burns more calories. Pull ups activate biceps, triceps, back, core etc in work which helps in more muscles contraction and leads to more calories loss  which leads in weight lose. To complete a pull-up it nearly takes 15 muscles and the primary muscles are your lats and biceps. It helps in boosting metabolism also. Pull-ups can burn around 10 calories per minute 


  • Hold the pullup bar with your hands and stretch your body straight
  • pull yourself up until your chin touches the bar
  • get back to your initial position
  • continue the exercise for 10-12reps of 3 sets 

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